Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome To Radar KEEN SCENE Serious Weight Loss Transformation
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    • #GoldenNuggets About The Course | WELCOME TO THE KEEN SCENE
  • 02
    Introduction To The Course And Your Instructor
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    • Intro To The Keen Scene
    • Join Our Free Facebook Weight Loss Support Group Now ( Link Provided )
    • Why You Need This System
    • All About Your Instructor - Get To Know Your Instructor
    • Quick Survey Time
    • From Zero To Hero - The Winner In You
    • Key Research | *Neuroplasticity, *Methods, *Guided Visualization, *Meditation, *Beats
  • 03
    The 'KEEN SCENE' - Setting Up Your Right Side Braintraining Core For Success (Core Training)
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    • The Keen Scene Begins...
    • Guided Visualization - How It Works In Your Brain
    • Set Up Your Safe Place - Why And How To Create That
    • How To Maximize Your Visualizations and Visual-Size-Ations
    • About Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Subconcious Braintraining - How They Work
    • Binaural Beats Equipment Needed and How To | Download .pdf
    • Night Time Visual-Size-Ation Video For Weightloss With Binaural Beats Plus Isochronic Tones By Full Belly Meter
    • Night Time Visual-Size-Ation For Weight Loss (No Beats Or Tones)
    • AUDIO DOWNLOAD MP3 for Night Time Visual-Size-Ation ( Listen from your phone or tablet with headphones or earbuds before sleep - audio only )
    • Day Time Visual-Size-Ation For Weightloss By Full Belly Meter
    • Short Quiz - How Are You Doing So Far?
    • Reflex Methods For Home Explained | Hormonal Stress Relief, Self Improvement Well Being, Stress Reduction, Increase Energy For Weight Loss
    • Reflex Methods For Home Visual Demonstrations | For Weightloss Hormonal Stress Points
    • Reflex Methods For Home | Extra Diagrams of K1 and Pituitary Etc for Hormone Stress Relief - Handout Dowload .pdf
    • Mindful Meditation At Home - All About and How To | Examples of Weight Loss Mantras Included
    • Mindful Meditation At Home and How To Plus Examples of Weight Loss Mantras | Handout for Download pdf
    • Time To Setup Your Weight Loss or Health Goals - How To Set A Health Goal Both Long and Short
    • Time To Setup Your Weight Loss or Health Goals - How To Set Both Long and Short Goals | Handout for Download .pdf
    • Short Quiz - Just Checking If You Are Still Doing Ok?
    • 200 Ways To Find Time To Exercise When You Don't Have Any | Download .pdf
    • Congrats! You completed the Keen Scene - Here's Whats Next
    • More resources and shopping for you...