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    Welcome To Radar Serious WEAN & LEAN SCENE Weight Loss Transformation
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    • #GoldenNuggets About The Course | WELCOME TO THE WEAN AND LEAN SCENES
  • 02
    Introduction To The Course And Your Instructor
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    • Intro To The Wean Plus Lean Scenes
    • Join Our Free Facebook Weight Loss Support Group Now ( Link Provided )
    • Why You Need This System
    • All About Your Instructor - Get To Know Your Instructor
    • Quick Survey Time
    • From Zero To Hero - The Winner In You
  • 03
    The 'WEAN SCENE' - Core Training
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    • The Wean Scene - Lets Rev This Up
    • Lets Talk More Scene 2 - The WEAN Scene
    • So What Is Sugar?
    • Then Why Do I keep Doing Sugary Foods If Its Not In My Genes?
    • I Get Ashamed Of Myself
    • Why Is It Tough To Stop?
    • Taking The Bull By The Horn
    • Weaning From Added And Refined Sugars
    • Sugar, Calories and Hormones - What?
    • I Am On Diabetes Medication, - What Do I Do?
    • Whole Foods And Sugar
    • The Various Forms Of Sugar
    • Hidden In Plain Sight
    • What Are Some Common Sources Of Sugar?
    • How Much Added Sugar Does AHA Recommend?
    • How To Read Sugar Labels and Calculate Sugar Written In Grams On Labels Into Teaspoons
    • How To Read Alcohol Sugar Labels and Some Rules of Thumb
    • Why Are Sweet Drinks Different Than Whole Foods?
    • What Other Reason Can Help Me Understand The Need To Reduce Liquid Sugar?
    • What Can I use That Is Sweet?
    • What About Artificial Sweeteners?
    • Is There Any More Suggestions I Can Do To Help With Sugar Cravings?
    • Suggested Sample Weaning Schedule
    • ! DOWNLOAD and PRINT ! Be sure you have this handout printed out! Completely De-Carb Your Life! Be A Sugar Detective and Label Reading Tutorial | Handout for Download .pdf
    • How To Successfully Wean For The Social Scene
    • How To Navigate The Social And Dinner Scenes .pdf download
    • FAST - Intermittent Fasting
    • Breaking Fast
    • What Is Fasting
    • The Key Hormone Involved Making You Fat
    • Advantages Of Fasting
    • Various Types Of Fasts
    • Various Periods Of Fasting
    • Why Should I Bother Fasting
    • Night Time Eaters and IF - Intermittent Fasting
    • How To Wean Up Your Steps - Your 8 Week Walking Plan
    • 8 Week Walking Plan | Handout for Download .pdf
    • 200 Ways To Find Time To Exercise - When You Don't Have Any Time Handout (download .pdf)
    • Wean Scene Conclusion
  • 04
    The 'LEAN SCENE' - Setting Up Your Left Side Braintraining Core For Success
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    • Enter Lean Scene
    • The Two Main Forces Against You
    • Abstract But Important Fat Fact - Night Eaters Vs Day Eaters
    • The #1 Debunking Myth Is Spot Reduction
    • What Really Is Fat ?
    • What Is A Calorie?
    • The Various Markers Of Weight Loss
    • Cheat Meals And Cheat Days Explained
    • Macronutrients Explained
    • Protein Explained | The Protein Overview
    • How Much Protein Should I use
    • Protein Meal Frequency
    • Protein Snacks And Deli
    • Common Protein Options For Meats And Fish
    • Common Sandwich Meat Options From Deli Counters
    • Carbohydrates Explained | The Carbohydrate Overview
    • How Many Carbs Should I Be Using?
    • What The Heck Are Net Carbs?
    • Whats The Difference Between Fructose and Glucose?
    • What Kind Of Carbs Should I Be Using?
    • Carbs In Depth | Explained In Simplicity
    • Dietary Fats Explained | The Dietary Fats Overview
    • Dietary Fats - How Much Should I Use?
    • #1 Dietary Fat Myth Debunked
    • Types Of Fats Explained
    • Fat Resistance In Cooking
    • Oils Avoided In Keto And Low Carb
    • Oils Commonly Used In Keto And Low Carb
    • About MCT Oil
    • Other Sources Of Fats For Keto And Low Carb
    • The Bathroom
    • Maintenance
    • The Top 10 Weight Plateau Reasons On Keto Or Low Carb
    • Mark Todays Date On Your Calender, Record Your Weight And Measurements - And Why
    • Lets Calculate Out Your Daily Macros Now With My EZ-Start Macro Formula In Just Minutes
    • Katherines EZ-START Macro Formula Steps Handout | Download .pdf
    • What People Think Keto Is Vs What Keto Really Is
    • How To Start A Ketogenic Diet Correctly
    • How To Start Keto Correctly Plus Recommended Shop Items: Books, Products plus your Blood Ketone Monitor Discount | Download .pdf
    • How To Stop A Ketogenic Diet More Responsibly
    • Congrats! You have finished the WEAN AND LEAN SCENES...Here's what's next...
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    Next steps
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    • More resources and shopping for you...